Continuous Android Sync (optionally with DropBox)

I like DropBox. I like Android. I just wish there was a way to continously sync my dropbox folders with my phone so they’re always up to date… here’s a way I use to get round this limitation

Start the bodge.

Step 1: DropBox remote.

First, setup DropBox on a computer somewhere running an ssh server, so you can copy files from it over ssh (with rsync), and make sure it’s setup with private key encryption with an agent so you don’t need to enter passphrases/passwords every time

Step 2: RSync from remote to phone

Then, get rsync4android (market link)

That lets you setup rsync jobs from a remote server to your phone (and vice versa… I use it for this, but also for backing up my photos to my PC automatically every night)

Then create an rsync job to download a particular folder from your remote DropBox on your PC into the DropBox folder on your sd card.

Step 3: scheduled automatic rsync jobs

Get tasker (which lets you schedule jobs to happen on a large number of triggers, including time) (market link)

Create a tasker job to fire off your new rsync job to keep your dropbox folder up to date…

Step 4: Enjoy 🙂

Like I say, it’s a bit around the houses, but seems to do the job 🙂







4 responses to “Continuous Android Sync (optionally with DropBox)”

  1. Will Avatar

    Surely this is killer for battery life?

    1. seb Avatar

      Not really – I’ve set mine to only sync every 6 hours (which for my needs is plenty often enough) so doesn’t really cause much drain at all 🙂

  2. […] I’ve also posted a copy of these instructions on my blog. […]

  3. […] I’ve also posted a copy of these instructions on my blog. […]

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