Digitoneurolinguistic Hacking

I read the word “Digitoneurolinguistic” in an XKCD comic, about 3 hours after it appeared on Google Reader:

Trochee Fixation

I’ve coined this dNLP because it looks fancy. I might try and drop it into a conversation somehow…

Anyway, it sounded like an intriguing concept; after a quick Google, I found nothing – I’ve done a bit of freelance work for a Hypnotherapy company / practice / clinic (what do you call it?!) in the past, and have read a lot of their site content about neurolinguistic programming (not the digito- kind though) and started wondering what the digital equivalent might be like.

Well, now I’ve finished wondering, and am no better off than I was before. Which means that I’m no better off finding out what what digitoneurolinguistic hacking is either.

HOWEVER!!! On realising there are no Google results for “digitoneurolinguistic”, I decided I’d try and be the first (maybe) – so if you found this page after reading the XKCD comic, drop me a line to say hi 🙂 – Hooray for Google’s indexes!

p.s. for added fun, press (on your keyboard):

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

(from here) – this may not work yet in my wordpress…

* as a bit of an (quite a lot of an) internet geek, I really, really like that it is now socially acceptable to use a website’s name as a verb 🙂






4 responses to “Digitoneurolinguistic Hacking”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    I wish to inform you that I did indeed google the term “digitoneurolinguistic hacking”, and my search lead me to you and your site. I’m so pleased that you thought to do the same and thus provided an amusing and pleasing destination for my unknowingly blind trek. The purposeful nature of your blog post has a certain “missed connections” feeling to it. Thanks for burying treasure beneath the “X”.

  2. seb Avatar

    Hooray – a visitor! A rare sight indeed.

    Glad you found this; it’s nice to know there are others out there who think the same as me (Google everything!)

  3. Emerson Avatar

    The velociraptor is, indeed, the most marvelous prize one can on this query! And I also googled the term…

  4. Cooper Avatar

    Another digitoneurolinguistic hacking googler!

    Wanted to show my appreciation of your Super Mario Bros-esque ‘easter egg’, and it’s velociraptor, which just scared the heck out of myself and the surrounding 12+ cubicles here at work.


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