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  • Hi, I’m Seb 😁

    I’m a tech director and engineer from England, currently focused on building back-end stuff for games. I’ve been working with everything to do with games, web services and cloud for the last 25 years on a variety of projects, and I’m currently Technical Director of Live Services for Creative Assembly. I also do a fair […]

  • The Java Hammer

    The Java Hammer

    Back in Olden Times, I was a craftsman, with my ever-versatile Java Hammer always by my side. Maybe I want my Java Hammer back.

  • Fibonacci Clock

    Fibonacci Clock

    I saw the Fibonacci Clock on Kickstarter: I quite liked the idea so quickly hacked together a similar javascript version: I’ve made it MIT licence so feel free to extend however you see fit; please let me know in the comments if you do, or you have any problems with it!

  • How to rescue a broken/backup a working Terraria Cloud Save on Android

    I’ve been playing a bit of Terraria on Android; extremely addictive and good fun. I was using the cloud-save functionality that backs up your game saves to Google Drive, and thought I’d be able to use this to sync between devices – I had to send my Galaxy Note 4 back for repair, so reverted […]

  • A simple php class to get latest Facebook and Twitter posts

    I’ve just posted a simple PHP class to github (free under MIT license) that will let you fetch the latest Twitter and Facebook posts. All you need is a developer key for both, then to include the PHP file and you’re set! $social = new SebSoSocial($twitterAcc, $facebookAcc, $numOfEach); foreach ($social->posts as $post) { echo $post->date […]

  • How to try out Chromium OS under Linux, without a Chromebook

    The Chromium team have an automated build bot that generates builds every night; this short guide will explain how to get one of these nightly builds running in QEMU so you can try it out!

  • Ubuntu tips and tricks

    Here’s a small selection of tips and tricks I’ve collected in Ubuntu linux – and probably might help in other Linuses (is that the plural of Linux?!) too. X11 forwarding problems Window button order in Ubuntu Customizable menu shortcuts in Ubuntu How to fix “Setting locale failed” in Ubuntu Refresh user group permissions without rebooting/logging […]

  • Pebble SDK 2.0 App: Metronebble; a Metronome for Pebble

    I’ve written a simple metronome app for Pebble (SDK 2.0). Press the select button (middle) to enter “sampling” mode – tap the pebble to set your tempo. Then press select again to get it to pulse at the tempo you’ve set. You can also increase/decrease the tempo with the up/down buttons. Precompiled .pbw: Version 1.0.0 […]

  • Pebble SDK 2.0 App: Acceleromonitor – graph your wrists’ accelerometer values

    Seeing as I just got a Pebble watch, I decided to write a quick app for it, and seeing as Pebble have just released the (brand) new SDK 2.0 beta, I’d use some new features from that. Code is available in case you’re interested: And a precompiled .pbw: Version 1.0.2 Updated 2013-11-08 16:47 It […]

  • How to play Total War: Rome II on Linux (using PlayOnLinux, Wine and Steam, on Ubuntu 13.04)

    In case you didn’t know, Total War: Rome II is out now on Steam! It’s the latest game we’ve been working on (at Creative Assembly in the UK). This is a quick guide on getting Rome II running under Steam on Linux, using PlayOnLinux (a wine wrapper). Note: this won’t be using the native Linux […]

  • HTML source editor for Evernote (web) – a bookmarklet! [Updated 2014-08-12]

    Click to view full size I use Evernote for storing basically everything. Reference, notes, bookmarks (with notes about the bookmark), a journal (although this is a recent addition… we’ll see how long it lasts!) and some parts of my GTD workflow. It’s a fantastic tool with clients for Windows, Linux (Everpad, NixNote), Android, Mac, iPhone […]

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