About Me

Hello, I’m Seb.

I’m a developer from England, currently focussed on backend stuff for games.

I’ve been working with basically everything to do with web, web services and cloud for the last 20 years on a variety of projects, and I’m currently Technical Director of Live Services for Creative Assembly.

I also do a fair amount of freelance web work, building things like CMS, ERP, eCommerce whatsits and associated paraphernalia.

I live with my wonderful wife and kids in Brighton, and when I’m not technical directing, I’m probably near a piano.

I just posted my first tune to Spotify (and Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer…. thanks DistroKid)! See https://hyperfollow.com/sebmaynard for more details, and contact spotify@seb.so if you’d like to request a song!


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