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Recommended Wordpress Hosting from WPEngine

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Here are a couple of ads whose clicks and views help me pay for my server hosting

50gb of “cloud” space with Box, automatically sync’d on Ubuntu/Linux with webdav and unison

Box (used to be is an online storage service that’s been around for a while – it’s quite popular and gives you more storage space than Dropbox usually does. And, if you’ve got an Android or iPhone, getting the mobile Box app (for unlocks 50gb of storage immediately, for free. 50GB of storage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a linux syncing client yet – wouldn’t it be nice if you could create your own?


Continuous Android Sync (optionally with DropBox)

I like DropBox. I like Android. I just wish there was a way to continously sync my dropbox folders with my phone so they’re always up to date… here’s a way I use to get round this limitation