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VIM quick fix (for arrow keys in insert mode)

When using VIM in insert mode, when I try and move around with the arrow keys, it inserts A, B, C and D instead. Not completely sure why, but typing:

:set nocompatible

seems to fix the problem. You can make this permanent by sticking

set nocompatible

in .vimrc in your home directory. Anyone know why?!

Quick howto: init.d script for glassfish 3

Glassfish is a reference implentation of the Java EE 6 application server – it’s fairly easy to download and get running, but I wanted to get it running automatically on system startup on my linux server (which at the moment is running on coLinux – probably post about separately that at some point).

I’m assuming you’ve got the glassfish .zip, and extracted it to /opt/glassfishv3… and you’re running a debian-based OS (like Debian Lenny, or Ubuntu). These commands assume you’re either running as root, or prepend all of them with sudo…


Continuous Android Sync (optionally with DropBox)

I like DropBox. I like Android. I just wish there was a way to continously sync my dropbox folders with my phone so they’re always up to date… here’s a way I use to get round this limitation


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