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Fibonacci Clock

I saw the Fibonacci Clock on Kickstarter:

I quite liked the idea so quickly hacked together a similar javascript version:

I’ve made it MIT licence so feel free to extend however you see fit; please let me know in the comments if you do, or you have any problems with it!

How to rescue a broken/backup a working Terraria Cloud Save on Android

I’ve been playing a bit of Terraria on Android; extremely addictive and good fun. I was using the cloud-save functionality that backs up your game saves to Google Drive, and thought I’d be able to use this to sync between devices – I had to send my Galaxy Note 4 back for repair, so reverted to my old (smashed!) HTC One X; fired up Terraria only to find no cloud saves were found.. here’s how to get them back!


A simple php class to get latest Facebook and Twitter posts

I’ve just posted a simple PHP class to github (free under MIT license) that will let you fetch the latest Twitter and Facebook posts. All you need is a developer key for both, then to include the PHP file and you’re set!

$social = new SebSoSocial($twitterAcc, $facebookAcc, $numOfEach); 
foreach ($social->posts as $post) {
  echo $post->date . " - " . $post->content;

Full instructions and source code available here: