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  • The Java Hammer

    The Java Hammer

    Back in Olden Times, I was a craftsman, with my ever-versatile Java Hammer always by my side. Maybe I want my Java Hammer back.

  • Ubuntu tips and tricks

    Here’s a small selection of tips and tricks I’ve collected in Ubuntu linux – and probably might help in other Linuses (is that the plural of Linux?!) too. X11 forwarding problems Window button order in Ubuntu Customizable menu shortcuts in Ubuntu How to fix “Setting locale failed” in Ubuntu Refresh user group permissions without rebooting/logging…

  • Hi, I’m Seb 😁

    I’m a tech director and engineer from England, currently focused on building back-end stuff for games. I’ve been working with everything to do with games, web services and cloud for the last 25 years on a variety of projects, and I’m currently Technical Director of Live Services for Creative Assembly. I also do a fair…

  • Seb’s guide on how to see

    EDIT (2011-07-18): This is a brief summary of my experience of laser eye surgery. It’s now almost a year since I had it done, and I’ve still got perfect vision. Absolutely worth every second of discomfort! The short version To do laser magic, they slice a flap in your eye, peel back the flap, laser…